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Amy A. Bronson


Amy A. Bronson

Emerging Artist

Amy A. Bronson is a self-taught abstract artist living in Winston-Salem. Since 2006, she has used a process of building layers of texture and color followed by partial deconstruction—the sanded back layers of paint reveal unique and unplanned surprises. She is known for her distinctive mark making and for creating paintings using acrylic paint, inks, and collage. Her art speaks to the idea that it is the human capacity to be uniquely creative.

Amy’s artwork is strongly influenced by her 28 years in health care. She has a BS Community Health Education from Iowa State University and a BS Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic from University of Health Sciences Lombard, IL. She has worked in Acupuncture and Functional Medicine.

Amy is optimistic that sharing her art might inspire others to find their own creative voice.

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