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Barbara Lister-Sink


Barbara Lister-Sink

Founding Artist

Barbara Lister-Sink (B.A., Smith College; Prix d’Excellence, Utrecht Conservatory; Ed. D., Columbia University) is passionate about both music and art. An internationally distinguished pianist and teacher, and a native North Carolinian, she developed an interest in art and art history while majoring in music at Smith College. Throughout her early career, Barbara created pastel drawings of the landscapes, seascapes, and irises of her native state. She has now navigated to ink and full heartedly pushed her artwork to complete abstraction. Barbara’s mediums of choice allow her easy access to color and line—coincidentally her favorite aspects of musical performance. Her pastels and watercolors are in private collections in New York, Ann Arbor, Baltimore, Amsterdam, Florence, Winston-Salem and Los Angeles. In 2019, her works were shown in the Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, MA.

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