Barbara Rizza Mellin


Barbara Rizza Mellin

Founding Artist

Barbara Rizza Mellin is an award-winning artist and writer, who has exhibited in one-person and juried, group exhibits throughout the country and internationally. As an art historian (Harvard University), she enjoys reinterpreting traditional techniques for contemporary collectors, using non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials.

What she loves about Asian Brush Painting is the simple elegance of the natural subjects, plus the spontaneity and meditative quality of the process. Less is more. “A few strokes capture the beauty of a blossom or the fragility of a leaf.”  She creates each image at one sitting, using only one brush, no preliminary drawings. The idea is to showcase the subject’s essence rather than paint botanical copies.  

Originally from the Boston area, where she taught studio art and art history for more than 30 years, Mellin lectures, writes about and teaches workshops in Chinese Brush Painting. She is a member of numerous professional arts organizations.