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Carl Galie


Carl Galie

Founding Artist

Carl Galie is a North Carolina landscape photographer who for the last 26 years has devoted his work to conservation issues, working with organizations like Roanoke River Partners, The Roanoke River Basin Association, The Southern Environmental Law Center and The North Carolina Chapter of The Nature Conservancy.

In 2009 Carl began working with Appalachian Voices and The National Committee for the New River while documenting the vanishing beauty of coal country, focusing his attention on the devastating affect mountaintop removal of coal is having on our nation’s water resources. Carl was awarded the first Art for Conservation Grant in August 2010 for his project " Lost on the Road to Oblivion, The Vanishing Beauty of Coal Country".

In 2014 Carl was awarded Wild South’s 6th Annual Roosevelt-Ashe Conservation Award for journalism for his work in the Southern Appalachians.

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