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Kimberly Varnadoe


Kimberly Varnadoe

Founding Artist

Kimberly Varnadoe received her BFA in Painting from the University of South Alabama and her MFA in Printmaking from the University of Memphis. She was Professor of Art at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC, and directed the Elberson Fine Arts Center Galleries, for more than 25 years.

Varnadoe works with experimental photography and a variety of printmaking techniques, often combining the processes. She enjoys experimentation and feels that art is most alive during the art making—the final work of art is the record of the art process. Varnadoe was invited to Lviv, Ukraine in July of 2012 to conduct a master class in the photo emulsion lift process at the 5x5 Photo Club. She has used the rare 20 x 24 Polaroid camera to shoot large-scale images for photo emulsion transfer work. She exhibits her work extensively in North Carolina and galleries throughout the southeast US. She is a member of Artworks Gallery since 2003 and serves on Artworks Gallery Executive Board.

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