Mark Casey Milestone


Mark Casey Milestone

Artfolios Artist

Mark Casey Milestone identifies as a symbolist.

Classified over his 40-year career under many different categories, including “folk artist”, “outsider artist” and “visionary artist”, self-taught Mark has never adhered for very long to labels applied to him by others and never sought to fit into a particular category of artist.

At an early age, he felt destined to be an artist and has created art in many forms and formats—sculpture, whirligigs, machines, music, writing, watercolors, sketches, oils.

Mark’s medium of choice has become oil on either wood panel or canvas. With local, regional, national, and international shows, and a feature in The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Folk Art (Volume 23; 2013: University of North Carolina Press), one can trace the evolution of his art along with the evolution of his life. Every piece of work represents a new journey, a new step, a new adventure for Mark.