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Naomi Greenberg


Naomi Greenberg

Artfolios Artist

Naomi Greenberg is a native of Kibbutz Cabri, Israel. She is the daughter of late Israeli artist Sara Samson and Stanley Greenberg of Chapel Hill, NC. From a young age Naomi possessed a creative mind, an agile hand and a passion for drawing and painting. She matriculated from the Arts Bound High School Mannor-Cabri in 1997, with a double major in Visual Art & Contemporary Dance. She then attended the Ga’aton Dance Workshop, earning a diploma in the spring of 1999. That fall, Naomi moved to Winston Salem, pursuing a BFA in Contemporary Dance from NCSA, graduating in 2003. In the following years she continued to hone her drawing and painting skills, while embarking on a study of world religions, widening her philosophical and spiritual perspectives. These new horizons transformed her artwork, developing her artistic vision and defining her unique voice—an intimate exploration of self, life and consciousness via a surreal lens of multi-dimensional realities.

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