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Patricia Dixon


Patricia Dixon

Artfolios Artist

Since she was young Patricia Dixon knew that she would spend her life doing Art and making Music. Her parents fostered those talents with music and art lessons. By age eighteen she entered the School of Art and Design in Santiago Chile, and after the first semester, she got married and moved to the U.S.A. She enrolled at UNC-Wilmington for two years, taking courses in Art History, Drawing, Painting, Color, Design, and Printmaking.

She never left Music or Art, and spent 38 years at WFU teaching and performing, while taking Art lessons and exhibiting her work in NC.

Nature is her guide, as she explores ways to convey beauty, while experimenting with different topics and mediums that can add coherence to her creations, always celebrating the richness and mysteries of this magnificent planet. She feels blessed to have both Art and Music, adding meaning to her life.

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