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Robyn Churn


Robyn Churn

Emerging Artist

Robyn Churn is an artist living and working in the Winston-Salem area. She moved to the triad in 2011 with her husband and twin children for what was intended to be a short stay. Robyn and her family are very happy to still be here and call this area home. Robyn started painting in 2012 and has not looked back. She paints many different images but her painting style has stayed the same. She is a lover of color and paints with very deep, vibrant color and lots of it. Her favorite thing to do is inject color where it is not suppose to be, like on a building or to let the colors blend and bleed into each other. She is currently working on a series of Downtown Winston-Salem paintings and they are becoming quite popular. Her approach to painting is whimsical and fun and that comes through in her paintings. Robyn's paintngs can be found in many restaurants, galleries and buinesss all over Winston-Salem.

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