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Shannon Boyle


Shannon Boyle

Emerging Artist

Shannon Boyle is an abstract artist based in Winston-Salem, NC. She works primarily on medium to heavy weight paper utilizing a breadth of mediums not limited to acrylic paint, spray paint, oil stick, acrylic ink, watercolor, oil pastel, soft pastel, pencil, and crayon. Shannon is known for large, bold pieces in vibrant color. The pieces are a result of layer over layer of painting, shifting and morphing the composition until the colors, hidden images and work of art as a whole emerges. Inspiration is born through feeling and emotion connecting through sound. Each piece starts with an auditory experience. Listening to music allowing the song and movement to drive the colors and marks from large, bright, sweeping gestures to dark, quick and rigid impressions. She steps into the studio, turns up the music, selects the colors and mediums that resonate with her in that moment and allows the creativity and emotion to flow across the paper. Each painting takes weeks to months to complete. Shannon works best with 2-3 pieces in development at the same time.

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