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Yosimar Alvarez Gutierrez


Yosimar Alvarez Gutierrez

Emerging Artist

Yosimar Alvarez Gutierrez is a creative that works within many platforms—a few being traditional/digital art, graphic design, and wearable art. Whether it be a vibrant canvas piece or a must-have article of clothing, these gravitating bodies of work effortlessly draw in attention. His artistic influences are derived from his Afro-Mexican background; bright color palettes and spiritual motifs are evident in most of his works which showcase the world through his lens. His artistic purpose is to press on the societal norms imposed upon humanity. Growing up in a lower-income neighborhood and identifying as bi-sexual, Yosimar has never seemed to fit into the boxes others have tried to place him into (which he has no issues with). He believes that inclusivity for all is crucial if we ever plan to come together as a society, and through his artistic ventures, Yosimar intends to give visibility to as many as possible.

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