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Yvonne Peters Forbath


Yvonne Peters Forbath

Artist Emeritus

Yvonne Peters Forbath, born in Vienna, Austria, began her love of art creating beautiful watercolor drawings as a young person. After meeting her husband at the end of WWII in Linz, Austria, she fulfilled a lifelong dream when he brought her to America. While living in Spartanburg, she attended the Penland School of Crafts and developed a love for pottery and weaving. After moving to Connecticut, weaving became her medium of choice. With an amazing mastery of color and texture, she created beautiful fiber art, many were commissioned and sold through the Signature Shop in Atlanta. While living in Guadalajara, Mexico, Yvonne developed weaving cooperatives to help native women. After moving to Winston-Salem in the early 80s, she was a founding member of the Fiber Company and a member of the Fiber Guild. Since she is no longer living, Yvonne’s fiber art is a lasting legacy to her extraordinary talents and would be a beautiful addition to any home.

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