Carrie Leigh Dickey's
Collection of Landscapes

I am on my porch painting while watching my gardens of flowers fade and my grass brown. With me is my daughter who is reading "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" by Anne Bronte. I catch parts of what she reads as I continue my work.


"Chapter 5: The Studio...To our surprise, we were ushered into a room where the first object that met the eye was a painter's easel...and a few finished paintings - mostly of landscapes...'I must make you welcome to my studio,' said Mrs. Graham...It was a view of Wildfell Hall, as seen at early morning from the field below, rising in dark relief against a sky of clear silvery blue, with a few red streaks on the horizon, faithfully drawn and coloured, and very elegantly and artistically handled...'I see your heart is in your work, Mrs. Graham,' observed I..."


Just as Mrs Graham my heart is in my work, and as I paint I am contemplating how tomorrow will not be the landscape of today. The earth is in a time of transition from the dog days of summer to the abundant colors of fall. The view is changing as fast as a sunset. How do transitions come when you least expect them? Why does change feel abrupt? What is just around the corner of where you are? 


I pause. We both pause. We take a deep breath. The silence invites us to be present within the change and enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

—Carrie, Owner and Visionary


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