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December Studio Open House

Artfolios invites the community to a Studio Open House with Barbara Lister-Sink and Melrose Tapscott Buchanan on Saturday, December 10 from 2:00-5:00pm. Their studio is located at 629 North Trade Street in the Arts District of Winston-Salem. Come enjoy conversations on art and do some holiday shopping. The event is free and open to the public. Hors d’oeuvre will be served.

“It will be delightful to join with Melrose and Barbara in their vibrant studio. At first glance these two women and their respective styles of art can seem like polar opposites. But when I look more closely, I see many connections. I see personal experiences, bold line and color, and a love of learning woven throughout their works. I see two dedicated, passionate artists with hearts of kindness. I admire who they are and what they create,” commented Carrie Leigh Dickey, Owner and Visionary of Artfolios.



Barbara Lister-Sink shared, “My work is a collaboration between Mother Nature and me. Gravity, laws of motion, commingling of water and pigment overnight yield surprising results. I love taking chances and never know what will appear.” She added, “I create because it gives me joy and pleasure. I merge with color and line and time stands still.”

Melrose Tapscott Buchanan explained: “It is my love of the creative process that keeps me creating! I am drawn to the spiritual possibilities in creating art. I feel a childlike joy and vitality when I create visual images. I fill sketchbooks with studies of nature, faces, nudes, collections of objects, images of dreams, and memories. In the studio I gradually contemplate what I want to say visually with these chosen images.”


Barbara Lister-Sink, Founding Artist, is passionate about both music and art. An internationally distinguished pianist and teacher and a native North Carolinian, she developed an interest in art and art history while majoring in music at Smith College. At the open house she will be showcasing abstract works, large and small, in ink. Ink is a new medium for Barbara—a change of direction from the pastels she has created for the past several decades. Barbara’s collection of pastels plus a few ink abstracts will be available for purchase.

Melrose Tapscott Buchanan, Founding Artist, is an artist and an educator. She has taught drawing and painting classes and workshops at Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Sawtooth School of Visual Art, and Salem Academy and College. Her passion for observing and sketching from life, dreams, and memories drive her work. Melrose plans to show art works in process and finished composites, and she will be sharing art from her sketchbooks. Additionally, Melrose will have her new book entitled “Joyous Observations: The Power of The Sketchbook” and finished compositions for sell during the open house.


Artfolios connects the Triad of North Carolina to a curated collection of Winston-Salem area artists through an online fine art gallery, consultations with patrons, corporate art installations, and in person events featuring Artfolios’ artists. Artfolios’ mission: We seek to showcase a curated collection of artists and art styles as diverse as our community. Artfolios’ manifesto: We believe art has the power to connect people. We believe patrons need art in their lives. We believe in the beauty of diversity. We are Artfolios. To connect with Artfolios:, Instagram @shopartfolios, and Facebook @Artfolios

—Republished from November 30, 2022 YES! Weekly article


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