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COLOR! Where Music & Art Meet

Updated: Feb 9

“COLOR! Where Music & Art Meet,” featuring the work of Barbara Lister-Sink, is on exhibit through April 30 at Centenary UMC located at 646 W. Fifth Street in Winston-Salem. The church’s Atrium and 4 1/2 Street Gallery hours are 9am-4pm Sunday through Thursday. Galleries may be accessed through the 4 1/2 Street side door. For questions please reach out to Carrie Leigh Dickey, Owner and Visionary of Artfolios, at (336) 971-8957.


Spanning 15 years of Barbara’s career, this exhibit includes an array of marks in different media: the lyrical dust of soft pastel, the powerful gestures of acrylic paints thrown and smeared, and the liquid abstract drips of inks dancing alongside of the crisp lines of pencil. No matter the mark, within each piece of art you can see music come to life.


When reflecting on her earlier works in pastel—largely of irises, Barbara mused, “On our North Carolina farm, both my grandmother and my mother had lush vegetable and flower gardens. So, I grew up with the pungent, exotic fragrance of bearded irises, a flower that has captivated my imagination all my life.” She continued: “Each bearded iris I have drawn has a unique personality that gradually revealed itself to me as we communed together on my veranda.”


Around five years ago, Barbara began to move away from pastel and experiment with acrylic paint. “I have tried to make peace with acrylics for several years since shying away from my more toxic but beloved soft pastels,” she shared. Since then, she has continued to explore options beyond pastel—with her current medium of choice being inks. In describing “Melrose’s Orchids” created in 2022 Barbara spoke to this transition: “One night I stopped by the studio and found two orchids in conversation. I had not planned to draw or paint, but they called to me. Such delicate curves and elegant colors. Inks seemed to match their fluid shapes. I loved how ink lent itself—like my pastels—to both drawing and painting. But liquid is not dust. So, there are even more possibilities for alchemy.”


“COLOR! Where Music & Art Meet” will offer the viewer a journey through the artistic explorations of an internationally acclaimed pianist and pioneer in the field of injury-preventive keyboard technique. Barbara Lister-Sink’s show is not to be missed.



Barbara Lister-Sink, Founding Artist of Artfolios and World-Renowned Pianist, is passionate about both music and art. An internationally distinguished pianist and teacher, and a native North Carolinian, she developed an interest in art and art history while majoring in music at Smith College. Throughout her early career, Barbara created pastel drawings of the landscapes, seascapes, and irises of her native state. She has now navigated to ink and full heartedly pushed her artwork to complete abstraction. Barbara’s mediums of choice allow her easy access to color and line—coincidentally her favorite aspects of musical performance.


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