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Creations from the Heart

Updated: 4 days ago

Artfolios will be hosting a Trunk Show with artists Marsha Thrift Marion and Patricia Dixon on Friday, May 17th from 7-10pm at The Gallery at Stimmel; 601 N. Trade Street; Winston-Salem, NC 27101. The Trunk Show will take place as part of the May Art Crush in the Arts District. Hors d'oeuvre will be served. All are welcome. See Map Below!

Marsha Thrift Marion and Patricia Dixon marvel that after 32 years of living down the street from each other, they only “just met.” Once learning of each other’s artistic talents, they began working and creating together in their respective studios.


Marsha shares, “I believe that our friendship has affected our art over the years in that we have enjoyed experimenting with new medias and subjects...some of our experiments include acrylic ink, abstracts, mixed media, cyanotype, monoprinting, and works layered with pastels and/or watercolor.” She thoughtfully adds: “It has also been very helpful to critique each other’s works.”


“My friendship with other artists is always inspiring,” states Pat. “Each person has something to offer in the process of creation. Marsha and I share a love and playfulness for art. We are open to trying different things to grow in our journey—sharing techniques and ideas. We do not compete. We honor each other's work and respect each other's styles.”


“My goal is to paint from the heart,” says Marsha in reflection on her own work. “Painting energizes me as I attempt to portray the rich colors and textures I see in the world around me. As I work in my painterly and slightly impressionistic style, I am intrigued by the way that light falls onto objects—creating patterns of light and dark values and fascinating interplay of warm and cool colors.” In a nutshell: “I create because I am drawn to it—in other words: ‘I have to!’”


Pat, a classically trained guitarist in addition to an artist, creates from the heart “to cultivate peace of mind, to celebrate the beauty of this planet, and to heal the soul from the harassments of modern-day culture.” She sums it up with simplicity: “Since my early years, I wanted to be an artist. Art develops discipline, courage, and playfulness: it engages you with love.”


Come be inspired by Marsha Thrift Marion’s and Patricia Dixon’s “Creations from the Heart.”



Marsha Thrift Marion, Artfolios Artist, has always loved to draw and paint. Being honored with a green ribbon for a colored chalk drawing in the fourth-grade lead to her pursuing art as a career. After working as both an Interior Designer and a Graphic Artist, she returned to her passion of painting and teaching art to both children and adults. Teaching encourages Marsha to experiment with almost every medium. Her favorite medium is soft pastels: the direct contact with the paper and the explosion of color and texture is exhilarating! Yet, she also loves to work in oil and mixed media. Marsha considers her somewhat impressionistic style as “painterly realism” with a fascinating touch of abstraction to provide a little mystery for the viewer. Texture and color are dominant in her work as Marsha attempts to portray the beauty of the world around her.


Since she was young Patricia Dixon, Artfolios Artist, knew that she would spend her life creating art and making music. Originally from Chile, Patricia has mainly lived and worked in North Carolina. A classically trained guitarist, she taught for 38-years as Assistant Professor of Practice at Wake Forest University. Even while teaching and performing, she continued to purse and exhibit her artwork. Nature is Patricia’s guide: she explores ways to convey beauty while experimenting with different topics and mediums that bring coherence to her creations. Each artwork celebrates the richness and mysteries of this magnificent planet. Patricia feels blessed to have both art and music adding meaning to her life.



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