SKU: 17017

Artist: Sharon Hardin


About the Artwork: Flowing is part of a long-running series of works; Life Views: Allergies/Ailments. At one point, our friends began talking less about politics and education, and more about what was happening with their bodies. Much of this discussion had confusing and negative connotations. Many people felt they had limited control over their own physical evolution. I wanted to depict these changes as entities beyond the literal medical descriptions they were labeled with. This series of work continues to engage me. I believe there is a visual vocabulary possible for things we can’t completely understand or communicate through language or science.


Special Note: This product is on loan to anther gallery through June 2022. If interested in purchasing please reach out to Carrie Leigh Dickey, Owner and Visionary, via email carrie@artfolios.shop.


Media: Watercolor


Dimensions: 40” wide by 60” tall


Framed:  Yes