Hopeful for Spring, 2022

Hopeful for Spring, 2022

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Artist: Whitney Dumer


About the Artwork: The winter months can be beautiful in their own way so don’t get me wrong, but those Spring months; oh my goodness the beauty. The flowers are blooming, the trees are green, the colors are everywhere you look. It is the most beautiful, colorful and smelling good season. One of my favortie things to look forward to every year are planting my spring flowers, herbs and veggies. I was prepping my flower garden one weekend, and all I could think about was how many different colors of flowers I wanted. Needless to say, I came inside that evening to start painting and everything I had been thinking about came pouring into every decision of this canvas. It is bright, colorful, and the most Spring feeling piece.


Media: Acrylic paint, with brushes and paint spatulas on wrapped stretched canvas


Dimensions: 12” wide by 16” tall


Framed:  No