Moon Dance

Moon Dance

SKU: 17018

Artist: Sharon Hardin


About the Artwork: Moon Dance is part of another long-running series; Moon Tales: Stories Told Under a Full Moon. This series evolved from observations of Super Moons, Blue Moons, Wolf Moons, and a Lunar Eclipse. Responses to these astronomical events have become immersed with Creation Theories from multiple cultures and morphed into moon mandalas. Moon Dances in the Night Garden (complete title) in particular was influenced by a neighbor’s garden; artichoke, brussel sprouts, corn, etc. all responded to moon mythology, wrapped up in a snake.


Special Note: This product is on loan to anther gallery through June 2022. If interested in purchasing please reach out to Carrie Leigh Dickey, Owner and Visionary, via email


Media: Watercolor


Dimensions: 40” wide by 48” tall


Framed:  Yes