Mother Earth, 2022

Mother Earth, 2022

SKU: 37007

Artist: Whitney Dumer


About the Artwork: Every single one of us gets to be too much sometimes: we get irritated, we get anxious, we get nervous, and it can be trying for those around us. Finding a way to ground yourself can be difficult, but everytime it is worth it. I have days where I am like, ok whit, you have got to calm down. Take a breath, grab a glass of wine, or pick up a paint knife. This painting was a grounding painting, bringing myself back down to sweet and beautiful mother earth. Put your feet in the fresh grass, smell the flowers and breathe in the beauty.


Media: Acrylic paint, with brushes and paint spatulas on wrapped stretched canvas


Dimensions: 12” wide by 16” tall


Framed:  No