Peaches, 2017

Peaches, 2017

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Artist: Barbara Rizza Mellin


About the Artwork: Rose-golden peaches hang on this leafy branch. Peach leaves are particularly suited to this method of painting as the tapering shape with points on both ends resemble the traditional Chinese bamboo leaves originally created in this style of painting. I use one bamboo brush and a particular wrist motion to create the pointed ends and the thicker centers in one stroke. The gracefully arranged leaves carry your eye from one end of the branch to the other. Here also, the outer peach “fuzz” is just barely implied. Signed and red chop. Image is matted.


Media: Sumi ink & Chinese watercolor on upcycled, acid-free mat board paper


Dimensions: Frame size: 16” wide by 12” tall


Framed: Yes. See photo.