"Saami Woman (Finland)", 2019

"Saami Woman (Finland)", 2019

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Artist: John Peaspanen


About the Artwork: The Saami are a Scandinavian tribe, who migrate and tend their reindeer herds across the northern regions of Finland, Sweden and Norway. Being of Finnish descent, this one holds a special place for me. She and her friend bask amid the glowing Northern Lights.


“I created this series of indigenous portraits to celebrate the diversity and unique tribal beauty found across the globe. Societal ideals and ideas of what is beautiful vary among cultures. One group’s perfection can often seem extreme to others. However, it is in these unique displays that we see that we are all not so different, after all. We are all ONE TRIBE.” —John Peaspanen


Media: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions:  14" wide by 11” tall (unframed)


Framed: Gallery wrapped