Let the Light Shine, 2021

Let the Light Shine, 2021

SKU: 2015

Artists: Kimberly Varnadoe


About the Artwork: The body of work, In a Dark Time, represents a passage of life through conflicting times. We had to adjust to a different way of life in 2020-22. These artworks reflect thoughts, memories, stress, and are a bit chaotic. They speak to what many of us think and feel during life’s tumultuous changes. I have employed a wide variety of techniques. The meshing together of these materials is a reflection on the many layers of overlap we experience as we adjust to challenges faced each day, embracing the complex and contemplative.


Media:  Printmaking, collage, pencil, inks staples, stamped lettering


Dimensions:  15” wide by 19” tall


Framed: Yes