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Tropisms, 2021

Tropisms, 2021

SKU: 2013

Artists: Kimberly Varnadoe


About the Artwork: Tropism is the involuntary orientation that involves turning or curving by movement or by differential growth as a positive or negative response to a source of stimulation. In hydrotropism, a plant's roots grow in the direction of increasing moisture, hoping to obtain water. In phototropism, a plant moves toward light, usually the sun. In thigmotropism, the organism moves in response to being touched. This image illustrates these tropisms as well as geotropism, gravitropism, and heliotropism. When microbiologists talk about tropism, they're often referring to the way a virus will seek out a particular type of cell to infect. And when intellectuals use the word, they usually mean a tendency shown by a person or group which they themselves might not even be aware of.


Media:  Cyanotype, relief printing, ink, stamped lettering


Dimensions:  19” wide by 15” tall


Framed: Yes


Notes: This piece is part of “The Shaffner Collection.” The Shaffner Inn, and Founders Resturant, is located at 150 Marshall St SW, Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Artwork can be viewed Tuesday-Sunday 8am-4pm. Arrangements will be made for purchased artwork to be picked up directly from the Inn. 

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