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frank campion 2.0

"frank campion 2.0" is showing at the Elberson Fine Arts Center from now until September 2023. The Elberson is located on the Salem College campus at 412 Rams Drive; Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday 10AM to 5PM. The public is invited to a closing reception on Friday, September 26 from 5-7PM.


Artwork from this collection can be purchased below. Select a thumbnail for complete details. For any questions: please reach out to Carrie Leigh Dickey, Owner and Visionary, at​


this exhibit offers a look at the journey i’ve been on since returning to the life of a successful starving artist in 2014 – mostly work from 2017 to 2023. i have always loved color and that has always been central to my interest. i find that unexpected color juxtapositions create a kind of emotional drama – at times harmonious, at others contentious. i have also been consistently interested in the tension that can exist between logical, deliberate, geometric forms and irrational, accidental painterly incident. and so there are seemingly random fields of poured, splashed, thrown, dribbled, and layered color that supports or is supported by, a rational geometric structure. in some instances this creates a sense of space and in others a kind of ambiguity i find interesting. in the end, people bring themselves to the work and with luck, the encounter will evoke unexpected memories, feelings, and associations. —frank campion


Frank Campion grew up in New York City. The Whitney, Guggenheim, The Met and MOMA were his playgrounds. He started painting at a young age and followed it through with a major in Fine Arts at Harvard. In Boston, his work was selected for significant group shows at The Institute of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Fine Arts (which has one of his paintings in their permanent collection), and The Danforth Museum. He enjoyed a series of successful solo shows at The Clark Gallery in Lincoln, MA and at Bridgewater State College. After a lover’s quarrel with the art world, he shifted his focus to the creative side of advertising and, after a 30-year career, retired in 2013 and took up painting again. Since then, his work has been seen at SECCA-DRAWN Concept & Craft, the Stella G Contemporary gallery in Charlotte, and the Longview Gallery in Washington, DC.

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