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Alix Hitchcock


Alix Hitchcock

Artfolios Artist

Alix Hitchcock received her MA in painting from NYU, and her BFA in printmaking and painting from UNC-G. She was an Instructor in Drawing at Wake Forest University for 23 years. She has also taught art at Salem College, UNCSA, Sawtooth Center for Visual Arts, East Carolina University, Reynolda House Museum ofAmerican Art, and the Weatherspoon Museum of Art. Hitchcock was the W-S Artist of the Year in 1998. She has exhibited widely in N.C. including Artworks Gallery, Hawthorne Gallery, Salem College Fine Arts Gallery, Diggs Gallery, Delta Fine Arts Gallery, the Sawtooth Center’s Davis Gallery, Milton Rhodes Gallery, Waterworks Gallery, Green Hill Center for NC Art, The Center for Creative Leadership, Weatherspoon Museum, Meredith College, Lee Hansley Gallery, Appalachian State Univ. Center Gallery, Somerhill Gallery, and Central Piedmont Community College. In addition, she has been in shows in Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, New York City, and Wyoming.

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