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Artfolios connects North Carolina and beyond to a curated collection of Winston-Salem area artists through an online fine art gallery, collaborations with the community; consultations with individual and corporate patrons; and in person events featuring Artfolios’ artists.

Our mission

We seek to showcase a curated collection of artists and art styles as diverse as our community.

Our manifesto

We believe art has the power to connect people.
We believe patrons need art in their lives.
We believe in the beauty of diversity.
We are Artfolios.

What we offer:

With a focus on experimentation and creation, artists seldom have the means to setup and maintain a website or to market and sell their artworks. Thus, many artists have closets full of art waiting to be enjoyed. Artfolios is the solution to this problem.


Within Artfolios’ website, we offer and maintain professional looking artists’ mini sites with a storefront where we take care of all the details for each art listing including payment processing. We market and promote our artists’ works throughout the community. In so doing, our artists receive more visibility and have more time to create.


Portfolio Submission

Artfolios represents artists in the Winston Salem area with a Forsyth County, NC address. We are small on purpose as it better serves our artists and our community. We are not currently accepting applications. If you would like to be put on our waiting list, please email Carrie at


​“Artfolios was created out of a desire to support fellow artists and out of love for the community of Winston-Salem.”—Carrie Leigh Dickey, Owner and Visionary

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