Have you ever struggled with buying “the right” art? Have you ever wondered what piece would look best with your decor and what would fit well within your space? We are here to help! Artfolios consults patrons who are in need of guidance and direction in selecting or placing artworks purchased from Artfolios in their homes. Consultations can be in-home, at our shared office space on 4th Street, or virtual.


Engage an expert

Kimberly Varnadoe oversees Artfolios’ patron consultations. She is Artfolios’ Curator and a Founding Artist. She has over 25 years experience in curating gallery exhibits and has juried many shows. She has a passion for sharing the works of local artists. And most importantly, she takes time to learn about each artist we showcase so that she knows the ins and outs of our collections. With Kimberly as your educated guide, art collecting will be fun!

"Art is not decoration. Living with original art is a necessity in life. The art that surrounds you will influence your attitude and mood every day. Choosing, and more importantly, committing to a work of art can be challenging for patrons that wish to expand their collection. I am here to offer curatorial experience and guidance in choosing your purchase.”—Kimberly Varnadoe

Let’s work together

We would love to help you! Please reach out at to schedule a patron consultation.