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Have you ever struggled with buying “the right” art? Have you ever wondered what piece would look best with your decor and what would fit well within your space? We are here to help! Artfolios consults patrons who are in need of guidance and direction in selecting or placing artworks purchased from Artfolios in their homes. Artfolios also is here to assist North Carolina interior designers, architects, and businesses in residential and corporate art collecting.


Engage an expert:

Carrie Leigh Dickey, Owner and Visionary, is here to help. Not only is she an artist, she has a background in Museum Design (most recently Old Salem Boys School and The Children's Home Archives) and Interior Design. Additionally, she has over 20 years of experience in marketing and branding. With this diverse background, Carrie has an incredible ability to understand your needs in order to best assist you in art collecting. 

“I love large blank walls and all the potential they hold to telling a story—your story.”—Carrie Leigh Dickey

Let’s collect art together:

Our online gallery is open 24/7 and offers over 350 artworks. Should you not see exactly what you want, have questions, or want to schedule a consultation please reach out to Carrie at We would love to help you!

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