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Layered, Woven, and Entangled

Updated: Jul 11

Artfolios will host a Trunk Show with artists Joan Rutledge and Naomi Greenberg on Friday, July 19th from 7-10pm at The Gallery at Stimmel; 601 N. Trade Street; Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Throughout the night enjoy the music of Samuel Allen Taylor, Classical Guitarist. Hors d'oeuvres will be served. All are welcome. The event will coincide with the July Art Crush. The Trunk Show is rain or shine. Parking suggestion: 527 N Cherry St Garage.

“Creating is like breathing for me,” shares Joan Rutledge. “It is how I experience the world. I have made art as long as I can remember and have enjoyed working with a variety of materials and techniques.” She thoughtfully adds: “I take a lot of inspiration from the nature: it is there that I find the myriad of textures, shapes, and deep rich saturated colors.”

“Art is the way my soul sings,” Naomi Greenberg began. “It’s the way I express my inner world and communicate with my higher self. It’s my calling and my passion.” She continues: “My mission as an artist is to become the very best I can possibly be, to always keep learning, growing, expanding, and deepening my skills and my sensibilities, the content, and the perspective of my art. I make art first and foremost for myself, because I have to—because I don’t know how to live without it.”

“My work is a compilation of the various roles I have had in my life: painter, art teacher, quilter and commercial designer,” Joan states considering how her work is Layered, Woven, and Entangled. “My fabric pieces often begin as paintings, sketches, or collages which I develop digitally before having printed on fabric. Once printed the pieces are layered and quilted, then embellished with applique or threadwork which provides added dimension.”

“I love living in the realm of the imagination, it fascinates and delights me,” Naomi shares speaking about her own Layered, Woven, and Entangled artwork. “I experience life and consciousness as a multitude of layers and dimensions that continuously weave in and around one another, reflecting one another, seen through one another, and influencing one another. At some moments certain ones take the foreground, while others are swimming in my subconscious, and in other moments they switch places. Sometimes, they do feel a bit entangled—definitely interconnected.”

Joan Rutledge and Naomi Greenberg’s artwork will inspire. Come be entangled in the beauty.


Originally from Connecticut, Joan Rutledge, Artfolios Artist, earned her BFA from Hartford Art School, then studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Boston. Before retiring, she supported her family with a successful graphic design career as artist and manager for the in-house creative department at Reynolds American. Joan is a painter and has developed a passion for innovative textured art quilts. With the beauty and peace of nature providing inspiration, Joan uses multiple techniques in creating her works. Digital image manipulation, printing, drawing, quilting on fabric, thread work, and felting provide dimension and texture to each piece. Joan continues to grow and evolve as an artist through experimentation, and she has taken numerous watercolor and fiber art workshops—including at Penland School of Crafts.

Naomi Greenberg, Artfolios Artist, is a native of Kibbutz Cabri, Israel. She is the daughter of late Israeli artist Sara Samson and Stanley Greenberg of Chapel Hill, NC. From a young age Naomi possessed a creative mind, an agile hand, and a passion for drawing and painting. She matriculated from the Arts Bound High School Mannor-Cabri in 1997, with a double major in Visual Art & Contemporary Dance. She then attended the Ga’aton Dance Workshop, earning a diploma in the spring of 1999. That fall, Naomi moved to Winston Salem, pursuing a BFA in Contemporary Dance from NCSA, graduating in 2003. In the following years she continued to hone her drawing and painting skills, while embarking on a study of world religions, widening her philosophical and spiritual perspectives. These new horizons transformed her artwork, developing her artistic vision and defining her unique voice—an intimate exploration of self, life, and consciousness via a surreal lens of multi-dimensional realities.


The performances of composer, classical guitarist, and teacher, Samuel (Sam) Allen Taylor, are known for their warmth, precision, and spiritual qualities. After completing guitar and pedagogy studies with Aaron Shearer and John Michael Parris, and counterpoint and orchestration studies with composer Kenneth Frazelle, Sam immersed himself in the craft of musical composition and a disciplined exploration of the literature of the classic guitar and lute. Sam resides in Winston-Salem where he serves as music theory and classical guitar instructor at Salem College.


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