That Good Darkness, 2014

That Good Darkness, 2014

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On exhibit during July at Gaia!


Artist: Jessica Singerman


About the Artwork: Driving away, sunrise. Quickly moving clouds, bright sun burning a hole through the thick cloud layer. Staring at the back of a truck. Soft clouds. Trees. I drop off my painting in the space where I learned to cut glass and hang paintings. I peer into the lecture hall where I took my first art history class. I’ll be speaking in that hall next month. Drive home. Pass under a rain cloud. Cold air blasting. Stay awake. Stay awake. The light is yellow. More rain. Blinding sunlight. Clouds on clouds. Water reflecting bright off the road. This is “That Good Darkness.”


Media: acrylic and oil on canvas


Dimensions: 24" wide by 24" tall


Framed: No