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thought & action #1, 2016

thought & action #1, 2016

SKU: 21001

Artist: Paul Travis Phillips


About the Artwork: The series in·ar·tic·u·lateˌ(inärˈtikyələt)/ knowl·edge, was created while referencing texts from my studio notes on the evolution of language. Each composition has been worked until it rests in a holding pattern held up by a decision determine by the annotation of masking tape. This holding pattern is an incredibly fruitful and pivotal point in time and in some of these works it has been solidified through the illusionistic painting of an image of masking tape that now rests on the canvas where the annotated tape once stuck.


The success of these paintings is in the moments when viewers pass them by without consideration. For it is only upon closer inspection of these pieces that a viewer can realize that what they are looking at is not tape but is in fact paint. This illusion is compounded by the fact that these tape forms have been painted in such a way that they read as if they are holding slippery, wet, abstract surfaces in place which is simply impossible.


Media: oil, ink, chalk paint, and spray on canvas


Dimensions: 48” wide by 60” tall by 2” deep


Framed: No


Notes:  This artwork is on display at Stimmel, PA in the arts district of Winston-Salem, NC. Please reach out to Carrie Leigh Dickey, Owner and Visionary, with any questions or to request a tour:

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