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Curated Collections for Artful Living


Our Story

Artfolios is an online fine art gallery representing a curated collection of more than 40 artists in the Winston-Salem area.

Artfolios takes a personalized approach to art collecting. We celebrate, showcase, and promote Winston-Salem area artists. We curate an online art gallery offering a hand selected collection of fine art originals; collaborate with the community; consult individual and corporate patrons; and assist with a needed commission. We are here to help you find the perfect art match!

Our Team

Carrie Leigh Dickey

Owner and Visionary

Luke Dickey

Luke Dickey

Husband Extraordinaire

Luscinda Dickey

Luscinda Dickey

Dazzling Daughter

Andrew Stenhouse

Technology Advisor

The Community

The Community

Supporters of the Arts



Artfolios represents artists in the Winston-Salem area. We are not currently accepting applications. If you would like to be put on our waiting list, please email Carrie at

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